Transparency for Parents

Parents are no longer dependent on school exam results alone to know how their child is faring


Help Students Grow

Get fact based understanding of areas in which your child needs more assistance


Performance Analysis

Automatic, objective, data-driven analysis which is easy to understand


Highly competitive price

Along with super saver offers


Save time and effort

No need to google all the time for the right tools


Wide range of worksheets

For all core subjects, and they're almost unlimited and fun too

Welcome to Kidlet

Kidlet has been created to provide an easy way to assist learning through immediate application of concepts learned in school and provide continuous practice to reinforce this learning. While doing this, Kidlet also provides in-depth, data-driven and comprehensive insight into your child's progress.

We are here to focus not only on what the child is learning, but how they are learning while keeping a constant focus on school-driven curriculum. The system is designed to help highlight your child’s strengths and needs.

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